In business, being N.I.C.E. is not a good thing.   N.I.C.E. stands for “Nothing Inside of Me Cares Enough.”


You are N.I.C.E. when you fail to confront your co-worker with an issue or concern that is ultimately hurting their performance.

You are N.I.C.E. when you talk around an issue or sugarcoat it so that the real message is never heard.

You are N.I.C.E. to yourself when you stay in your comfort zone and settle for mediocrity.   Ouch!

N.I.C.E.   is when you say “Nothing Inside of Me Cares Enough”  to tell you the truth.

Working on your “N.I.C.E. –ness” is not an excuse to be rude, curt, or nasty.   It is your opportunity to become better at saying the  difficult or direct things that need to be said. It’s your opportunity work  on saying things that are constructive but not destructive.

Consider a couple of sources as you embark on becoming less N.I.C.E. :

Assessments on how to communicate effectively to different styles of people:

Crucial Conversations  by Patterson and Grenny