This seems fairly basic, but hear me out.

A well-structured position description (job description) is where accountability starts for each individual in an organization.

To be clear, there is a distinct difference between a job posting to attract talent and a comprehensive position description. A comprehensive position description will outline the key accountabilities of the job and how those accountabilities will be measured. The ad that you post online to attract talent generally has pieces of the position description without the measurements.

The position description is the document that clearly outlines your expectations for a specific position and will also outline KPI’s (key performance indicators) for each area of accountability.

Here are some the problems I encounter when working with businesses on position descriptions:

  1. The organization has none. Everything is done verbally.
  2. They were created and never shared with all employees.
  3. Positions descriptions are a perpetual ‘work-in-progress’ and are never finished.
  4. There are numerous formats and versions of position descriptions throughout the company creating confusion
  5. Only ‘certain’ people have position descriptions
  6. Position descriptions are to-do lists and not an outline of key accountabilities


Some best practices:

  1. Start with a really strong position description template and use it throughout your organization for consistency.
  2. Review a position description in detail with a candidate BEFORE you hire them. They will thank you.
  3. Whenever an employee performance issue needs to be addressed, you should be able to pull out their signed position description and point to the key accountability they need to work on.


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