There’s been a fairly large surge of companies offering hiring platforms for businesses over the last few years. Some of them are really good. Even some of the free services like Indeed have easy-to-use tools that make the hiring process more efficient.

Two key elements that I see missing from many hiring processed used by business are:

  1. Review of the Position Description
  2. Discussion of the Culture



Review of the Position Description

At some point in your hiring process, it is critical to share your Position Description with the candidate. This will clearly state, in writing, what they will be accountable for in their position. If you have a really strong position description, you will also show them how they will be measured.

The overwhelming response from a candidate that is exposed to the position description during the interview process is “ wow… no one has ever done this before.  This is great..”    Employees, and potential employees love clarity.

If you don’t have position descriptions or you just need a better version, click HERE to download a template and “ how-to”.


Discussion of the Culture

If you haven’t read anything about the importance of a healthy culture in the workplace, or you still haven’t bought into any type of “fluff”….now is the time to make  some changes.

What if I told you it will make you money and save you money? I bet your interested now.

There are lots of books out there on the importance of culture. A couple are ‘The Advantage’ by Patrick Lencioni and ‘Delivering Happiness ‘by Tony Hsieh.  Take some time to grasp the impact a healthy culture can have on a company of any size.

This leads me to the second key….discussing your culture with the candidate.  You owe it to the candidate to clearly lay out what the team and core values are in your company. Your process should be designed to not only introduce the candidate to your culture, but to weed them out if they are not a fit!

Design great questions to learn more about your candidates and make sure they fit your culture.

Want to start the process of building a great culture? Click HERE.


Ken Sevick