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Our Leadership programs acknowledge that leading an organization or team today requires knowledge and skills that yesterdays leaders did not need. Our coaching methodologies and leadership tools ensure that coaching relationship gives you the skills, energy and capability to keep up with current demands and your own high expectations.

Performance and Leadership Coaching

If you’ve ever wanted to increase the impact and effectiveness of your career, accelerate your company’s growth and implement programs that result in exceptional ROI, it’s time to discover how Ken Sevick can guide you, your team and your company to incredible success.

Discover How Executive Coach, Ken Sevick Can Guide You…

Not only will an Executive Coach offer additional insight and add a new perspective to your career and company, an executive coach will guide your productivity by linking performance to key metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

An Executive Coach can get significant results, solve a pressing problem, and work with you to assist you with taking advantage of a major opportunity. Your Executive Coach is a trusted advisor who is credible, engaging and has a depth of business and executive knowledge to help you overcome any “blind spots” in your game so you can increase your level of performance in key strategic roles.

Highly performing and effective executives have a huge positive effect on an organization. This can literally mean more in profits, in organizational productivity, and higher employee satisfaction.

Your management team depends on your leadership to gain clarity of expectations and performance for the operations and teams they manage. Your team creates distributed leadership and permeates your strategy and vision throughout the organization. Team excellence requires clear communication, excellent delegation, participative decision-making, and influence without power plays.

Our Executive Coaching programs emphasis both the development of the team leader, the development of leadership teams and the performance, effectiveness and execution of the teams operations. When using  our framework and tools,  executive coach Ken Sevick  will consider the development of the team in the areas pertinent to your teams’ ongoing success.

Successful teams are a combination of functional competence, higher performance, and reliable consistency. High performing sports teams train and practice 90% of the time for the 10% game time they are required to execute. Our work teams are required to perform 90% of the time and at best only get 10% of the training that they really need. Managing, motivating and driving teams to higher performance in the workplace not only requires more energy than most managers can find, but it also requires the time to dedicate to analysis, understanding and developing strategies.  Most managers don’t have this additional time.

Our programs enable the leader and executive to develop a higher-level strategic approach to talent identification and team development. Getting the right people, with the right skills in the right place at the right time is not luck, it is a matter of a solid plan  and process that  works.  Contact Ken to learn more.


The paradox of organizational strategy is to balance staying focused on core strategy and performance, yet be flexible enough to adapt when a critical aspect changes. How often are we so focused on the context and day-to-day activities that we miss key strategic markers?

Our approach to strategy appreciates that the strength of your strategic capability and can be  the difference between the development of mediocre options or exceptional future options. Strategic coaching allows you to consider your best plan for exceptional future options and uncovers the required tactics and capabilities across your organization to make this happen.

As Sun Tzu once penned, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, and tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”. Strategic coaching is ensuring that your leadership influences and generates the right balance between action and strategy.

The Strategy Combination

As Sun Tzu poignantly suggests it is a combination of leadership competencies, systemic applications and timing that creates organizations that thrive and endure. It is also knowing in what order to approach your strategic and tactical development. Perhaps you might prefer to try to achieve this on your own. At the very least , call to  executive coach Ken Sevick  to ensure you don’t have to re-learn the blind-siding mistakes that others have already made.


The difference between a competent and an effective manager is results.  Great results only come from execution. Execution is the dedicated space between your goals and the results you can achieve on your own. This is why Coaching can be so effective for time pressured managers and leaders. Your coach ensures you stay focused on the activities that need to occur for you to achieve your goals. Given the complexity of people, the current market speed, and need for lean business operations,  it’s no wonder that execution can be more difficult than it should be.

ActionCOACH has known for many years that the biggest element of success is Action. For 20 years ActionCOACH has been providing exceptional results for their clients based on the principle that ‘action must follow thought’. The best plans and coaching will amount to nothing without execution of the plan. Choosing the right coach will ensure you close the execution gap that is holding back your success and achievements.

Your Expertise and our Specialty

While no one can be as experienced in your position as you currently are, the most successful people utilize the skills of others to leverage their skills sets and capabilities to greater heights. Find out how much more influential you could really and develop energy and focus that counts where others fall away. Your expertise and our 20 years of outstanding results can provide you with the leverage you need  to break through to another level of success.